Domenicali : « Our position is still the same »
Maranello, 12th June 2009
Article mis en ligne le 17 juin 2009
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Maranello, 12th June 2009 - The official entry by the FIA of Ferrari for the 2010 Championship was not a great surprise here at Maranello. We spoke with Stefano Domenicali, Team Principal of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro. « It might seem a bit boring to repeat that our position is still the same since the meeting of the Board of Directors on 12th May, » Domenicali said. " Two weeks ago we presented our conditional registration but, until today, these conditions haven’t been met. We can only repeat that, how things are right now, we can’t participate in the 2010 Championship.
Formula 1 needs stability, the same rules for all the participants and a clear and shared governance system. As far as reducing the costs is concerned, at the FOTA we reached some important results and we defined a further package with very significant measures, which should be introduced progressively and will be controlled by the teams."

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